Altar Servers


Dear Young People:

I would like to invite you to serve at the altar for Saint Edward Church and School. As an altar server, you will serve as a page in the court of the king of kings. As we worship our God at the altar, you will attend to the priest as he offers the sacrifice.

It is a great honor to serve at the Lord’s altar, but it is also a responsibility. As an altar server for Saint Edward Church and School, we expect the following:

  • Attend altar server training. For Saint Edward School students, this training will be scheduled during the school day. The training schedule for the rest of the parish will be announced.
  • Look neat, presentable, and wholesome when you serve.
  • Serve at every Mass for which you are scheduled or make arrangements to have someone cover the Mass.
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before the Mass begins.
  • Perform the duties assigned during the Mass in the prescribed orderly manner.
  • Maintain a prayerful demeanor during all times in the Sacristy and a prayerful posture during Mass.

If you would like to train and serve at the altar here at Saint Edward, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and the parish office will contact you.

In Christ,
Fr. Dan Reehil, Pastor

Altar Server Training Materials

All altar servers should have received the Saint Edward Church Manual for Altar Servers. If you need a copy, please see the church office or send an email to get one.

In 2015, we prepared this short video to help you know what you need to do to serve at the altar at St. Edward Church. This is a good refresher for everyone who serves.

Altar Server Application