Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart of my beloved Jesus,
Fountain of infinite Mercy,
Receive on this day the total donation of myself.
Take my life, I offer it to You.
May Your Sacrosanct Heart be a spring of Grace,
Not just for me but for all humanity,
By my side at this moment, and which I give to You to protect.

I give to You my heart so it will love only You,
I give to You my sight so I will see Your Love everywhere,
I give to You my ears so they will hear Your Heartbeats,
I give to You my thoughts so that, protected by You,
They will be a constant hymn of adoration,
I give to You my hands and my feet so they will be in Your likeness
Blessing for my brothers and sisters.

Sacred Heart of my beloved Jesus,
Today I accept You as my refuge at all times of anguish and tribulation,
I accept You as protector and guardian of my life, especially at times of temptation.
Sacred Heart of my beloved Jesus,
From today I totally give myself to You.
I beg You to shelter me in this life so nothing and no one can separate me from You.
Fountain of infinite Mercy, take possession of my being;
In return I promise to love You and I am determined not to offend You ever.

Receive my plea, this is my consecration to You,
And keep me from this moment on as Your possession.