Church-PulpitWhat is a Lector?

Lectors are commissioned to the ministry of proclaiming the Word of God at the Mass and other Liturgies. Lector’s are the prophets of the Liturgy, those who speak the Word of God to the people. They are called to proclaim God’s Word, not simply read or recite it; they do not perform a dramatic reading, but a proclamation.

The Word of God is alive, and it is through the voice of the Lector that it is heard in the Sacred Liturgy.


A suitable candidate should have a devotion to the Word of God in the Scriptures and possess the ability, time, and willingness to serve in this capacity. The individual must have received their First Communion and be a registered member of St Edward Parish. Not only do they share their faith with others in the Word they proclaim, but by their reverence for God and His Word, they call forth faith and invite others to a deeper relationship with the Lord.

Download the Saint Edward Manual for Lectors