Letter Regarding Life


Dear Fr. Reehil,

I sit here in anguished silence, unable to share my grief. I live in a world that is filled with a darkness that began just as I was graduating from high school and preparing to attend college.
You see, I had an abortion that summer – which is why I hate the very sound of the word ‘abortion’. For every time I hear that dreadful word I experience an awful sense of distress and a deep sorrow. I am filled with pain and I live in constant fear that someone may discover my secret and judge me for what I have done.

I am a slave to that summer day long ago as the memory of my dead baby constantly occupies my thoughts. I try hard to bury the flashbacks deep in my mind – but the memories keep coming back. For no matter how much alcohol I drink or how much food I eat, I cannot dull the pain I feel or fill up the emptiness inside me.
Worse yet, the love I should have in my heart cannot overcome the anger and depression I feel. And even though I went to confession, I simply can’t believe that God can ever forgive me. I have no true peace in my life.

For my heart aches when I think about who my little baby might have grown to be. And at Christmas, when I see the presents under the tree, I realize there should be a few more of them. I am ashamed of what I did. I pray that one day my little child can forgive me for taking its life. I would go to the ends of the earth if I could find a way to heal my pain. Can you help me?

Suffering in silence

Following our God, who is a God of life, (I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full – John 10:10) we are called to support life, but also to bring forth new life in those who have experienced death. When we pray for our brothers and sisters who are suffering and experiencing desolation, we send Jesus to heal their wounds and bring them back to life in Him. Please join me in praying for all the victims of abortion, including the parents. We pray that God’s mercy will draw them back into His welcoming arms where they can come to know His love and accept His mercy, and choose life. Freedom comes in forgiveness.

–Fr. Dan

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