Saint Martha Project

The Saint Martha Project exists to help people in our parish and community who need a quick hand. All of us seen a little help on occasion. Remember, we can never outdo God in generosity.

Saint Martha’s Pantry

Saint Martha’s Pantry is found in the narthex of the Church. We are always in need of non-perishable food to keep it stocked for those in need.

Saint Martha’s Wishlist

These are items that people in the parish or the community have expressed that they need. Some are big some are small. If you are able to supply one of these, or if you need something, please call Carolyn Warden at 210-870-8500

  • Child’s bed (twin bed frame only)
  • An elderly gentleman needs a 24-28″ TV flat screen ( not old CRT model)
  • A couple need a used running car
  • We always need new and nearly new tennis shoes (all sizes). Maybe you bought ten of the wrong color and need to donate some to make room in your closet.