Bill Rankin

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Bill Rankin

Music Minister

Bill Rankin began his tenure at Saint Edward in 1997 by playing in the pit ensemble for several of the music ministries special musical productions, as well as combined choirs during Christmas and Holy Week. He was then offered a position as a staff musician in May of 1998, and has since been honored since to serve as principal accompanist, choir director and co-music minister.

Bill looks forward to planning music (both instrumentally and vocally) that will enhance our liturgies, encourage participation, and help reinforce God’s message through music and media.

It is also an honor to have the opportunity to minister to couples as they plan their wedding music, and to help families through their grieving process as they plan the music for funerals. “Often times, ministry is more about listening to their needs, and meeting those needs in times of joy and/or sorrow.”

“Mr. Bill” has also stepped into the classroom many times as a popular substitute teacher. He could be found anywhere from Pre-K to 8th Grade, including all the special classes (Music, PE, Art, and Spanish) and has helped students to check out books in the library, and assist in the the computer lab.

When not at Saint Edward, he works as an event fundraising consultant, helping with various local and national, charity golf events, fundraising galas/dinners, by providing ways to maximize profit. Bill also enjoys cooking, golf and keeping up with the Pittsburgh area sports teams.

One of the best things to happen to Bill while working at St. Edward was meeting his wife, Erin. “God placed me here for a reason, little did I know how precious a reason it would be. I have been blessed with an awesome wife, and am eternally grateful.”